Here's what our wonderful clients are saying…about Body Z Alive Colon Hydrotherapy.


We also have five stars on Yelp!

“Lou and Liza are so knowledgeable and generous with giving the treatment but also with explaining what's going on during the cleanse.”

- Diane H.

“What I got more than anything was a better understanding of how my digestion and my body works and how to get it working better for me.”

- Amanda C.

"I felt great when I left and for the following week! The colon hydrotherapy aka colonic was just the thing I needed to get my system flowing again. I am so happy that I started this regimen and encourage everyone reading this to follow suit! Take care of your body, get some relief, and feel great afterward."

- Janelle N.

"Body Z Alive is like a sanctuary in the heart of Santa Monica ... Their knowledge, sensitivity and skills are incredible. And if you are lucky you get some of their deep wisdom, not just about the body, but about what goes on in your soul ... There is some deep healing that happens when you commit to working with the team at Body Z Alive."

- Skater F.

“Love Liza. Great location. Life changing procedure by knowledgeable, professional & compassionate staff. Highly recommended.”

Jole M